Balance transfer money saving expert

balance transfer money saving expert

A balance transfer can cut £s or £1,s off the cost of existing borrowing. It's where you get a new credit card to pay off debts on old cards for you so you  ‎ What is a balance transfer? · ‎ The seven golden rules · ‎ Longest 0% cards. Money transfers often have higher interest rates than purchases or balance transfers once the 0% or cheap rate ends, so it's crucial you pay off or shift the debt to. If you've existing debt, you may be able to cut it to 0% with a Balance Transfer - even if you've a poor credit score. Not what you want? Other related guides.

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So, every month you must pay at least the minimum monthly amount. This card accepts transfers from Amex cards, though you'll need to phone up to get it processed. Who's this guide for? You can't transfer a balance from another Tesco credit card, or apply if you hold more than one Tesco credit card already. It's time to maximise the interest you earn by moving the money into the highest interest savings vehicle possible.


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